About us


We have been entertaining people for over 22 years from discos, stage lighting event organising and promoting with our big brother company Disco boutique .
Our extensive client data base we are constantly being asked if we could supply and run photo booths, so we decided that it’s not just a fading trend but booths are here to stay .

When we decided to buy our booth we researched and looked into many different styles and options as not all booth are the same .We have invested very well in our photo booths to give our clients a night to remember .

Boothbirdy has been active for almost two years now completing over 200 booth gigs and i must say with complete success,
We always liaise with the manufacture to tell them what we would like to see in the future software update we use the feedback from our clients to tell the manufacture whats needed in the next update .

our software is updated every 6 months So with this in mind the team at booth birdy just keeps getting bigger and better .